Broadview Map

About the Gardens

The gardens of approximately 10 acres lie on a stony silt soil above clay, exposed to both the prevailing south west and the cold north east winds. Open throughout the year, the gardens offer interest from early spring with Hellebores and early flowering bulbs, through spring and early summer with a multitude of Tulips, Alliums, Iris and Roses, to late summer with the peak of the Dahlias, grasses and Cannas.

A sunny winter’s day is the ideal time to see the intense stem colours of the Dogwoods and discover many other plants of interest at this time of year.

FREE Admission

  1. Entrance
  2. Spirit of Cornwall, water feature
  3. Herb Garden
  4. Subtropical and Mediterranean Borders
  5. Long Borders
  6. Hedge Maze (planned)
  7. Meadow
  8. Keith’s Tree
  9. Wildlife Walk
  10. Student Designed Garden (planned)
  11. Italian Style Garden
  12. Student Designed Garden (planned)
  13. Ginkgo Garden
  14. Fountains Garden
  15. Stone and Water Garden
  16. National Collection
  17. Japanese Garden
  18. Fernery and Stumpery
  19. Sandell Lake
  20. Winter Stem Beds
  21. Picnic Glade
  22. Exit